Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paolo Roldan in Ad Campaign with Isaac, Jhanelle and Lucas for ZippedMan Perfume by Perfumer's Workshop International

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Perfumer's Workshop International is launching Zipped Man, its new range of fragrances for men. The collection will be released in four parts, quarterly during the coming year. Each fragrance is represented by a model who best reflects the soul of his scent both in looks and in spirit. Our inspiration for the collection comes from urban men who are confident, fit, and comfortable expressing their sensu-sexuality.

All of our fragrances expound on this theme. Paolo, a pro basketball player from the Phillipines, demands our attention with his fierce power. He embodies the deep and dark sensuality of Zipped Soho Noir. With Jhanelle, a soccer player from Mexico, you get 'attitude'. His sultry gaze and cool, cocky style exude the emotion of Zipped Rebel. Lucas, a recent Mr. Brazil is a beautiful, totally self-assured man who follows his heart and is unafraid to trust his instincts. Like the composition of Zipped Apollo, Lucas is a burst of confident energy. -ZippedMen

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