Monday, September 5, 2011

John Lloyd Cruz and IMG's Vanja in Editorial for Metro Magazine (September 2011) featuring Louis Vuitton A/W 2011 Collection

PH: Mark Nicdao
Creative Director: Patrick Ty
Styling: Mela De Luna
Grooming: Steven Deloso
Make-Up: Charmagne Garcia-Laconico for Chanel Beaute


  1. JLC is a very good actor but he is simply not a model material. The clothes are wasted on him. Sorry to say that but that is what I see.

  2. JL looks like alalay or a driver in Paris?

  3. Not to belabor the points raised by the previous two points, but JLC doesn't do the clothes any service. He's giving bad face (he's jetlagged, tired, whatever), his poses seem awkward and forced on him, and Vanja is working it--for a lack of a better term. She completely overshadows him in photos of them together. (Yes, I know, she's a model, but if JLC knew how to pose and be all model-like, he would have stood toe-to-toe with her.)

  4. only 1 picture actually worked... funny.. the 1st time i saw the cover on the mag.. i thought it was edited and jlc was just added to the pic... there was just no chemistry between the two... i dunno.. as if the two weren't even trying.. the two just doesnt have chemistry...the img model was so high fashion looking and jlc was too plain looking... i think the whole set up was poorly planned or mybe executed... things just didnt add up when u look at the pictures...