Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bea Alonzo with Elite Manila's Gonzalo, Kean, Mark, Rafael and Angelo photographed by Bj Pascual in Editorial for Mega Magazine (August 2012)

PH: Bj Pascual
Creative Direction: Suki Salvador
Art Direction: Mica Santos
Styling: Angela Alarcon
Make-Up: Jigs Mayuga
Hair: Bren Sales
Production Design: Cholo Arucan and Red Mil


  1. Am I the only one that sees what BJ is? He's a HACK. And I'm not even a photographer! Just because he flopped in New York he has to inflict Filipino fashion with this ugly shit?

    These shots are just terrible. Photoshopped to hell and back. Tacky.

  2. Boring Shit. C'mon, not good enough!

  3. Seriously? I ain't seeing nothing good with BJ. Pft.

  4. Do you even know him? Where did this "flopped in new york" came from?? Hahaha! He just studied there, what the hell are you talking about! LOLOLLLL

  5. ^that's a bunch of BS. you're the one who's tacky.

  6. Ikasisikat to ni BJ bahala kayo! Haters kayo dyan! HAHA

  7. ^Troll must be a fashion photographer wannabe. Inggitero/a.

  8. To be a successful photographer in the fashion industry, one must have TASTE, PHOTOGRAPHY & PHOTOSHOP SKILLS. BJ is one of the young photographers who has exceptional taste. BTW, flopped in New York? Haha. You make me laugh. BJ did not "flop" in New York, he studied in NY. Get your facts straight. Ibang photographer ata tinutukoy mo.

    Baka naman sobrang galing mo kaso sobrang wala namang taste like the rest of feeling fashion photographers who earn money by holding "workshops" puro technical lang alam at walang ka-taste taste. Pwede ba.

  9. To the douche bag cunt who decided to crawl out of their little hole to trash talk one of the most exceptionally talented, young photographers in the philippines. Do society a great favor and drop dead.

    Flopped in new york? Get your facts straight. He didnt even try to pursue a career in new york, he studied there.

    You said it yourself, you are NOT a photographer. Ergo, shut the fuck up.

  10. Seriously? I ain't seeing nothing good with BJ. Pft.

    -You AIN'T seeing NOTHING good? So you ARE seeing
    "good with BJ"? Haha double negative, idiot.

  11. si joseph pascual siguro yan

  12. I use my real name to talk about stuff I can own up to, Anonymous number 4:43pm.

    BJ is a passionate, talented person whose success involved hard work and paying his dues. He is possibly the youngest photographer who has reached such a level of recognition. I respect him like crazy and am constantly stunned by the life he breathes into his photos. They are rich, lively, kinetic, and moving.

    Nobody spends one entire year blowing up and landing covers and campaigns on hype. Nobody gets personally requested by celebrities to have their cover shoots done- like Bea Alonzo did- on hype.

    I am very aware of comparisons, with our surnames and shared circles, but perhaps you are unaware of how I'm doing things on my own terms, just as BJ did. I look at BJ as an example of how hard work, hustling like crazy, and letting one's work do the talking can create a solid, respectable career.

    We will all get the work we work for. And there is enough room for everyone in this field, despite what people like you wish.

    So, fuck you and your shit-stirring BS.

  13. "He's a HACK. And I’m not even a photographer!”

    And you’re anonymous. BJ’s discarded lens cap has more credibility than you.