Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fil-Am Singing Sensation Jessica Sanchez by Mark Nicdao in cover story Editorial for Mega Magazine (January 2013)

PH: Mark Nicdao
Creative Director: Suki Salvador
Art Director: Mica Santos
Styling: Patrick Galang

Make-Up: Denika Bedrossian for Crosby Carter Management using MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Judd Minter for Aim Artists using Bumble & Bumble


  1. This is "MEGA forgettable" (quoting Suki Salvador from this magazine's TV show). Bad styling, bad art direction, bad make-up, bad modelling. Mega can do so much better than this. It (She) looks weird, but not in a high-fashion way, if you know what I mean.

  2. The first Filipino who first set his
    foot to the foreign land many years ago,
    had a big dream and a vision; that by
    helping family back home will help the
    country’s economy.
    Today, there are Millions of Filipinos
    abroad who have followed his footsteps.
    If only he is alive today, he will be
    extremely proud of Filipinos abroad
    (whom he referred to as his
    grandchildren and great grandchildren)
    who are gaining recognition at world-
    class stage level.

    Jessica Sanchez is just one of the
    products of that one great idea, coupled
    with courage and sacrifices of our great grandfather.

    So we welcome Jessica home with an
    open mind, open arms and loving hearts.



  3. Wow! Perfect images! Philippines is one of the best in terms of modeling and designing!

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  4. i love jessica dont get me wrong but her styling here is horrible. first off makeupwise she looks like a gay pocahontas. its like t's so far different from her looks in ai which i definitely like. the third picture alone shows her tummy and jessica is so slim and the legs that creep out of that skirt seems disjointed. in the b&w picture her extended leg appeared short because of how it was extendd which was quite askewed. as professionals in the fashion magazine, you could have helped coach her on this.