Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Michellle Bento in Editorial for Metro Magazine (February 2011) by BJ Pascual

PH: BJ Pascual
Make-Up: Paolo Maranan for Paul and Joe Beaute
Hair: John Valle for L'Oreal Professionnel
Model: Michelle Bento (Reco)


  1. Beautiful editorial but...just wondering especially since I'm not too familiar with Filipino magazines as I grew up in the states, but just wondering why it is that they always feature foreigners? I feel like most countries include a variety of course, but are not as discriminate as Filipino mags. Am I way off? Fill me in! :)

  2. Hey Roxie, yours is a very valid observation that perhaps some of us fashion observers commonly share about the prevalence of white-skinned foreign looking models in Philippine fashion mags. IMO, there could be myriad, interrelated reasons but I can share two:

    1. colonial mentality --Filipinos need to appreciate more our color and beauty, but media keeps on proliferating the Western Caucasian standard of beauty. Skin-whitening products are so popular here.

    2. dominant global fashion ideology (white models are still the majority; tho there is an increase of asian models in the global stage, there is no diversity in ethnicity--most are of chinese/japanese/korean descent) Local mags imitate a lot from their Western counterparts.

    That's just my two cents worth :)

  3. Thanks for responding, Jay! It's always been a frustration of mine growing up..mom would always say, "you're getting too dark! People are going to think you're from the province." And then when visiting home, I noticed all my cousins were OBSESSED with skin-whitening...it was all so beyond me! I love being dark! I love being exotic! So I may not have the face structure of a westerner, but the world would be so boring if we all looked the same. I just wish there was more appreciation and pride- I have some to go around ;)

  4. I could imagine your situation. You're right, there should be more appreciation of the innately brown beauty of Filipinas. The overall success of models Charo Ronquillo, Charlene Almarvez, and latest Ford Supermodel of the world winner Danica Magpantay in the international arena is a significant boost towards promoting our color and ethnicity. I'm glad you have a positive attitude towards your beauty! Keep representing the Pinay race! :)

  5. Thanks for posting this Jay! Been waiting for it. ;)