Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Model Behavior (Metro Magazine, February 2011)

Models becoming muses who "inspire designers in the wake of their beauty and brains"

PH: Milo Sogueco and Jo Ann Bitagcol
Make-Up: Joyce Platon (Bianca and Marina), Julie Ebio (Raya), Pinky Flores-Alcantara (Wilma and Patty),  Mio Robo (Jasmine), and Pilita Guadines (Tetta)
Hair: Jim Guerrero for L'Oreal Professionel (Marina, Raya and Wilma), Mark Baquiran (Bianca, Patty, Jasmine and Tetta)
Nails: Posh Nails Tomas Morato  (Marina, Patty, Raya, Bianca and Wilma)


  1. Raya Mananquil got somethin wrong there! She says 'It is modeling that has propelled me to other opportunities..' What a lie!
    She should say 'It is my influential mother that has propelled me to all the opportunities!'

    No looks. No talent. Sorry, though this is a nice feature!

  2. I'm in awe of Jasmine Maierhofer! She's en vogue!! I too am not a big fan of Raya Mananquil though.
    The Mananquil siblings are outdated. Can't believe they are still around at their age. Simply shows how influential the mother is...

  3. My goodness... Mananquil siblings.... Pwe pwe pwe. Robby looks like an ape... Ganun din si Raya. Si Rissa pa cute... Trying hard to be a host. Pandak pa! Pde ba, find anothet job!!! Stop hogging PMAP at di kayo mukhang model. Kung di lang sa bruha niyong nanay, wala naman papansin sa inyo