Monday, June 6, 2011

Ford models Charlene Almarvez, Charo Ronquillo and Danica Magpantay in a red hot editorial for Mega Magazine (June 2011)

"Sisters of the Revolution"
PH: Seven Barretto
Styling: Angela Alarcon
Art Direction: Suki Salvador and Mica Santos
Make-Up: Owen Sarmiento and Pong Niu at MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Jay Wee


  1. I love the models but it's too much posing, notice every layout. Trying too much :)

  2. The models are great but some of the poses are not attractive. They look like they want to pee or defecate.

  3. I actually love it! congrats Mega! job well done

  4. it's bad photography, layout and styling. the models are ok. well, it's from manila... what do you expect.

  5. I'm planning to buy this pa naman but look! I was expecting a stunning editorial but na the poses are so 90's they could just do a Chloe- ish or CK-ish story ed. Sadly if I happen to be working at Ford I will never include these in their portfolios for go-sees

  6. Congratulations to Charlene Almarvez, Charo Ronquillo, Danica Magpantay! Applause for their achievements in the international scene. They dress well and I believe they worked hard to make something.

    Kudos to you Angela Alarcon, Jay Wee, Mica Santos, Owen Sarmiento, Pong Niu, Suki Salvador, fashionmediaph, Mega, the editoral staff for being a part of this and doing a good job to take pictures, write, layout and edit.

    It's just sad that they seem to want to open their legs so badly. It's as if global conquest would really take a hefty price, dignity.

    "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"