Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pauline Prieto at Elite in an edgy, sultry Editorial for Rogue Magazine (June 2011)

"Pretty Hate Machine"
PH: Mark Nicdao
Styling: L.A. Consing Lopez
Make-Up: Leo Posadas
Hair: Erna Fronda


  1. smoking is not edgy, it is so passe.

  2. Nobody said "smoking" made it edgy :)

  3. so why pose with it hanging from her mouth then? why even use it as a prop? smoking is not even cool anymore. it kills about 4 millions of people around the world every year. not to mention the medical cost and the loss of income which are in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

  4. Edgy because literally on the edge of a construction site, cigarette or not.