Friday, March 16, 2012

Jessica Yang, Eriko Malabanan at Yeoh Models and Francis Ariosa at CalCarries in Editorial for MEGAStyle.Ph (March 2012)

PH: Adrian Gonzales
Styling: Maureen Manuel
Hair: Adam Seth Teh
Make-Up: Carmela Ledesma
Styling Assistant: Raymond Angat
Production Design: Alvin Francisco
Lighting: Amiel Kirby Balagtas
Shoot Assistant: Dan Doydora


  1. what the hell is this?!!!

  2. @ anon: uhmm.. artistic photography? Jealous that you're not in it? Haha

  3. I'm no expert but I just love the strength in the colors. They just speak to you. The same with the contrast in each photo which, I think, creates the feel of a story to the set as a whole. Kudos to the photographer and the people behind this shoot! ;)

  4. I love how the colors and texture gets into you and you just feel the story unfolding itself trough them. I love how feminism and art was blended here! Good job to the photographer and the rest of the crew! :D

  5. Adrian stretched his style in photography in this series. he stretched to try new things but remained true in his aesthetic. paborito ko dito ang larawan bilang 8. ang ilaw binigyan ng dagdag element ang larawan dahil sa blinds. at ang series merong sinusundan na storya, hindi siya basta layout.

  6. I love the comments here. Makes me believe that some of us are getting mature in our appreciation (positive or negative) of fashion editorials :) Thank you guys! Hope to see more elaborate comments soon! :-)

  7. adri you are so great on taking pictures..not just pictures but pictures with eccentric , awkward , odd , beauty , and awesome photos with stories... keep it up adri... im always here to support you.. lots of love A ♥

  8. awesome. Yer photos never cease to amaze me..